Abdelhamid El-Shaer

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Zinc oxide (ZnO), with its excellent luminescent properties and the ease of growth of its nanostructures, holds promise for the development of photonic devices. The recent advances in growth of ZnO nanorods are discussed. Results from both low temperature and high temperature growth approaches are presented. The techniques which are presented include(More)
It is significant to understand the effect of the light intensity and temperature on output performance of the crystalline solar modules. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate the J-V curves of solar module under various environmental conditions. This paper discuses the effect of light intensity and temperature on performance parameters of mono-crystalline(More)
Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) thin films were electrodeposited on fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) covered glass substrates by cathodic deposition of copper sulfate. The influence of pH (varied from 9 to 13) and deposition potential (varied from -0.35 to -0.65 vs. Ag/AgCl) on the properties of cuprous oxide thin films were studied. SEM results showed that the grain(More)
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