Abdelhamid Drif

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The paper addresses the design of an inclusive haptic display based on a multilevel display concept. The end version prototype will operate with bare hand/finger interaction to serve virtual reality applications, psychological and psychophysics studies on haptic perception, and computer haptics including combined texture/kinesthetic rendering algorithms.(More)
This paper presents a new method and formalism to achieve thermal feedback for teleoperation and telepresence applications. The basic idea is to realize an approach similar to force reflecting telerobotics. That is to say, bilateral coupling between thermal temperature and thermal flux variables. Thermal properties and exchange during contact are modeled(More)
This work deals with the modeling and identification of thermoelectric modules. We propose models for both steadystate and unsteady-state dynamics based on recursive ARMA models for temperature and heat flux. The proposed models are convenient for simulation, control, electronic, and thermal engineers. They also help understanding the functionality of the(More)
Protein docking studies how proteins combine with each other in 3d, in order to better understand their biological functions. The basic hypothesis of the french research projet CoRSAIRe is that Virtual Reality (VR) multimodal interactions can increase efficiency in reaching docking solutions. To this end, we have conducted an ergonomic analysis of the(More)
This deliverable belongs to Task 7.5, which was added to the annex of the project after the first review, appropriate to the recommendations of the reviewers. In this report, specifications of the demonstrator scenarios are discussed. Four representative areas for haptic feedback are selected and demonstration scenarios are created appropriate to these(More)
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