Abdelhamid Bouzidi

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This research paper presents an adaptation of the cat swarm optimization (CSO) to solve the traveling salesman problem (TSP). This evolutionary algorithm appeared in 2007 by Chu and Tsai for optimization problems in the continuous case. To solve TSP, which is a discrete problem, we will describe the various operators and operations performed in two(More)
The Job shop scheduling problem is known as a combinatorial optimization problem that aims to find best sequence of operations with optimal execution time called makespan. Various algorithms are used to resolve it. This research paper aims to provide a new adaptation to solve the job shop scheduling problem. Discrete cat swarm optimization algorithm (CSO)(More)
The Flow shop-scheduling problem is NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem, thus, it requires using the computational intelligence to solve it. This paper describes an experimental comparison study of four metaheuristics which are the hybrid genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization (by and without using local search), and the cat swarm(More)
Atlantic coast in mice. Preliminary studies showed that seawater contains heavy metals from domestic, agricultural and industrial wastes. Marine bivalves concentrate these pollutants by filtration and serve as vectors in human exposure. The objective of this study was to determine the concentration of heavy metals; cadmium (Cd); chromium (Cr), and lead (Pb)(More)
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