Abdelhamid Bouchachia

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Concept drift primarily refers to an online supervised learning scenario when the relation between the input data and the target variable changes over time. Assuming a general knowledge of supervised learning in this article, we characterize adaptive learning processes; categorize existing strategies for handling concept drift; overview the most(More)
Clustering with partial supervision finds its application in situations where data is neither entirely nor accurately labeled. This paper discusses a semi-supervised clustering algorithm based on a modified version of the fuzzy C-Means (FCM) algorithm. The objective function of the proposed algorithm consists of two components. The first concerns(More)
This paper aims at incorporating immune operators in genetic algorithms as an advanced method for solving the problem of test data generation. The new proposed hybrid algorithm is called immune genetic algorithm (IGA). A full description of this algorithm is presented before investigating its application in the context of software test data generation using(More)
Emergency management is about assessing critical situations, followed by decision making as a key step. Clearly, information is crucial in this two-step process. The technology of social (multi)media turns out to be an interesting source for collecting information about an emergency situation. In particular, situational information can be captured in form(More)
Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks (WBASN) is an emerging technology which uses wireless sensors to implement real-time wearable health monitoring of patients to enhance independent living. In this paper we propose a prototype of cloud mobile health monitoring system. The system uses WBASN and Smartphone application that uses cloud computing, location data(More)