Abdelhamid Abdelhadi Mansor

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The Secure Socket Layer /Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) provides data confidentiality, integrity and authenticity between two communicating applications. There are many attacks appeared in different versions of SSL/TLS based on vulnerabilities related to the protocol structure and its implementation. This paper presents an analysis and evaluation of(More)
Dynamic system management may involve interaction between independent decision-making components which can lead to conflicts. Policy-based Managers Coordination (PobMC) was proposed as an adaptive framework that may handle such conflicts. In PobMC, policies are used to adapt the system behavior, coordinate managers' tasks and allow us to decouple the(More)
Coordination is becoming an increasingly important paradigm for systems design and implementation. With multiple languages and models for coordination emerging, it is interesting to compare different models and understand their strengths and weaknesses find common semantic models and develop mappings between formalisms. This will help us to gain a deeper(More)
Policy-based approach has been mostly acknowledged as a methodology that separates the rules governing the behavior of a system from its functionality. It provides the ability to (re-)configure differentiated services networks so that desired Quality of Service (QoS) goals are achieved, by considering administratively specified rules. Moreover, it promises(More)
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