Abdelhalim Zaoui

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A fast crack profile reconstitution model in nondestructive testing is developed using an arrayed eddy current sensor. The inverse problem is based on an iterative solving of the direct problem using genetic algorithms. In the direct problem, assuming a current excitation, the incident field produced by all the coils of the arrayed sensor is obtained by the(More)
This paper discusses the characterization of landmine by using the electromagnetic induction technique (EMI). The proposed approach is based on the identification of the physical and geometrical properties of a landmine, from the sensor response. But in such an identification, the inverse problem is unavoidable. At first, we begin by simulating the landmine(More)
Iron buried objects induce anomalies in the earth's magnetic field that appear on the surface below items and that can be measured by a magnetometer. In this work, two approaches already used in radar detection are introduced and modified to improve the UXO detection. The measurement noises, the weak value of the earth's magnetic field and the variations(More)
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