Abdelhak Zoglat

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Recent advancements in computing and digital signal processing technologies have made automated identification of people based on their biological, physiological, or behavioral traits a feasible approach for access control. The wide variety of available technologies has also increased the number of traits and features that can be collected and used to more(More)
Nowadays, credit scoring has studied both in academic world and the business community. Many modeling techniques have been developed to be useful in domain of credit scoring. This paper establishes a credit scoring model via an iterative procedure approach, Baum-Welch method. It is a novel method applied to solve credit scoring problems, and to explore a(More)
Modeling short-run interest rate is of primary importance for all participants in financial markets. In this paper, we attempt to model short-run interbank interest rate in Morocco by the well-known Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model (OU) called also the mean-reverting model. The results show that the speed of reversion is high and that the mean-reverting level is(More)
  • Fadoua Badaoui, Amine Amar, Laila Ait Hassou, Abdelhak Zoglat, Cyrille Guei Okou
  • Journal of Big Data
  • 2017
The recent technology development in the concern of microarray experiments has provided many new potentialities in terms of simultaneous measurement. But new challenges have arisen from these massive quantities of information qualified as Big Data. The challenge consists to extract the main information containing the sense from the data. To this end(More)
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