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SIAAC: Sentiment Polarity Identification on Arabic Algerian Newspaper Comments
It is a challenging task to identify sentiment polarity in Arabic journals comments. Algerian daily newspapers interest more and more people in Algeria, and due to this fact they interact with it byExpand
An Overview on Data Security in Cloud Computing
The objective is to highlight the principal issues related to data security that raised by cloud environment, and the common solutions used to secure data in the cloud were emphasized. Expand
A cloud security framework based on trust model and mobile agent
This model aims to protect user's sensitive information from other internal or external users and hackers and can detect policy breaches, where the users are notified in order to take necessary actions when malicious access or malicious activity would occur. Expand
SANA : Sentiment Analysis on Newspapers comments in Algeria
Results are very promising and show the different effects of stemming in such domain, also knearest neighbors give important improvement comparing to other classifiers unlike similar works where SVM is the most dominant. Expand
A multi-agent security framework for cloud data storage
Ensuring user authentication and data integrity in multi-cloud environment
A new model that provides authentication and data integrity in a distributed and interoperable environment and achieves both identity authentication and the ability to inter-operate between processes running on different cloud’s provider is proposed. Expand
ARAACOM: ARAbic Algerian Corpus for Opinion Mining
The approach for opinion mining in Arabic Algerian news paper is proposed, which aims to track the mood of people against several subjects of daily life (sports, politics, television,...). Expand
An Efficient Modeling and Execution Framework for Complex Systems Development
This paper presents different modeling and execution frameworks that allow to efficiently analyze, design and verify complex systems, mainly to cope with the specific concerns of the Real-time and embedded systems (RTE) domain and suggests that model transformation provides useful support to improve the integration of formal verification in an industrial engineering process. Expand
A Security Framework for Cloud Data Storage(CDS) Based on Agent
This paper proposes a framework of security to ensure the CDS, which is based on agents, it contains three layers: Cloud Provider layer, Customer layer and Trusted Third Party(TTP) layer. Expand
Specifying Components with Compositional Patterns, LOTOS and Design By Contract
Entity predicates Relationship predicates Entity predicates define whether a design component has a specific class (abstract or concrete), what a method (or attribute) is defined in a class.... Expand