Abdelhafid Omari

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A three-pronged coordinated research effort was undertaken by cooperating utilities at three different experimental scales investigating bioaugmentation, enrichment and performance of anammox organisms in mainstream treatment. Two major technological components were applied: density-based sludge wasting by a selective cyclone to retain anammox granules and(More)
Public Bicycle-Sharing Systems (PBSS) have been appearing in more and more cities around the world in the last few years. Although their apparent success as an alternative form of public transportation mode, there are major challenges confronting the operators while few scientific works are available to support such complex dynamical systems to influence(More)
This paper investigates the optimal motion planning for an hyper dynamic manipulator. As case study, we consider a golf swing robot which is consisting with two actuated joint and a mechanical stoppers. Genetic Algorithm (GA) technique is proposed to solve the optimal golf swing motion which is generated by Fourier series approximation. The objective(More)
This work presents the control of a two-degree of freedom parallel manipulator using nonlinear sliding mode approach. The aim is to achieve a robust control for trajectory tracking. The control is based on the inverse dynamic model in the Cartesian space of the parallel manipulator. Kinematic analysis are also discussed. To guarantee the high performance on(More)
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