Abdelhafid Abdelmalek

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Handoff performance of NEMO BS protocol with existent improvement proposals is still not sufficient for real time and QoS-sensitive applications and further optimizations are needed. When dealing with single homed NEMO, handoff latency and packet loss become irreducible all optimizations included, so that it is impossible to meet requirements of the above(More)
Automatic IP address assignment in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) enables nodes to obtain routable addresses without any infrastructure. Different protocols have been developed throughout the last years to achieve this service. However, research primarily focused on correctness, efficiency and scalability; much less attention has been given to the security(More)
Multihomed Network Mobility is a research field being widely explored because of its importance in military and vehicular applications. Multihoming is a promising solution for providing ubiquitous Internet and some other benefits such as Load-Sharing and Policy-based Routing. Unfortunately, extensions of NEMO Basic Support proposed for the purpose of(More)
Security for dynamic address allocation service in Mobile Adhoc Networks is still an open issue. This paper proposes a security framework to thwart all possible attacks related to the buddy system based Distributed Dynamic Address Assignment Protocol (DDAAP) proposed by Thoppian and Prakash. Our proposed protocol called SHEAP (Secured tHrEshold based DDAAP)(More)
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