Abdelhadi Chari

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Simulating a quantum computer requires vast computational and processing resources due to the exponential nature of quantum mechanics. Simulating a detailed model like the Cirac and Zoller trapped ion scheme adds further to this complexity. In this paper we define a less complex model which accurately models the trapped ion quantum computer. This model(More)
Here in this paper A MAC layer level congestion detection mechanism has been proposed. The proposed model aims to deliver an energy efficient mechanism to quantify the degree of congestion at victim node with maximal accuracy. This congestion detection mechanism is integrated with a Two-Step Cross Layer Congestion Control Routing Protocol. The proposed(More)
Ad hoc networks are widely used in military and other scientific areas. With nodes which can move arbitrarily and connect to any nodes at will, it is impossible for Ad hoc network to own an fixed infrastructure. It also has a certain number of characteristics which make the security difficult. Routing is always the most significant part for any networks.(More)
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks consists of mobile nodes which are organized in a random manner. It can communicate with each other without any centralized infrastructure. Due to congestion, the packet loss is heavily occurred in the particular link. In order to avoid congestion, cross layer based congestion control scheme is proposed for reducing the packet losses(More)
Today, the dominant deployment model of cloud infrastructures consists in having few large datacenters (DCs) from where cloud services are delivered for different needs (service platforms, cloud services for external customers, information system applications, etc.). This model is being challenged today by new emerging needs (IoT applications, NFV services,(More)
Ad hoc structure has a special characteristic because of which the nodes in the wireless ad hoc networks depend on batteries for power resources that restrain in giving power resources. Apart from QoS metrics like mobility and bandwidth, node survivability and power usage form the main feature in routing as hoc networks. Here we will dwell upon the issues(More)
Cloud services built using cloud infrastructures are located on one or several centralized Data Centers and customers access these services remotely. Today, the flexibility offered by cloud infrastructures can not be completely exploited because the required network adaptations can not be done dynamically, or by lack of network state information. In this(More)
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