Abdelhadi Chari

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Simulating a quantum computer requires vast computational and processing resources due to the exponential nature of quantum mechanics. Simulating a detailed model like the Cirac and Zoller trapped ion scheme adds further to this complexity. In this paper we define a less complex model which accurately models the trapped ion quantum computer. This model(More)
Here in this paper A MAC layer level congestion detection mechanism has been proposed. The proposed model aims to deliver an energy efficient mechanism to quantify the degree of congestion at victim node with maximal accuracy. This congestion detection mechanism is integrated with a Two-Step Cross Layer Congestion Control Routing Protocol. The proposed(More)
The basic idea proposed in this paper is to determine the Optimal Congestion Window for a TCP Sender in a particular network setup (that corresponds to the fair share of that connection) and keep this congestion window a constant to a point where the fair share in the network has changed considerably from the instance of the calculation of the size of the(More)
  • K Seshadri Ramana, A A Chari, N Kasiviswanth
  • 2010
Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANETs) is a Collection of mobile nodes connected with wireless links. MANET has no fixed topology as the nodes are moving constantly form one place to another place. All the nodes must cooperate with each other in order to route the packets. Cooperating nodes must trust each other. In defining and managing trust in a military MANET,(More)
The primary goal of this paper is to investigate various elements of website and evaluate quality of website design. The quality of website depends on various components such as download time, website size, broken links and website structure. The quality of website structure is based on its navigability, average number of clicks and structural complexity.(More)
Ad hoc networks are widely used in military and other scientific areas. With nodes which can move arbitrarily and connect to any nodes at will, it is impossible for Ad hoc network to own an fixed infrastructure. It also has a certain number of characteristics which make the security difficult. Routing is always the most significant part for any networks.(More)
  • K Seshadri, Ramana A A Dr, N Chari, Kasiviswanath, G K Pulla Seshadri Ramana, Reddy +1 other
  • 2010
In wireless adhoc networks, all nodes are mobile and can be connected dynamically in an arbitrary manner for packet type communications. All nodes behave as routers and take part in discovery and maintenance of routes to other nodes in the network. In this paper, we propose a routing protocol that is based on securing the routing information from(More)