Abdelfatteh Haidine

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The prospect of Smart Grid (SG) is becoming a reality in the recent years, covering different areas like smart metering, demand side management, or distributed generation. Communications play a central role in the SG architecture, because the power utilities need to collect important information to make optimal decisions for efficient power generation,(More)
In this paper a new approach is proposed for the adaptation of the simulated annealing search in the field of the Multi-Objective Optimization (MOO). This new approach is called Multi-Case Multi-Objective Simulated Annealing (MC-MOSA). It uses some basics of a well-known recent Multi-Objective Simulated Annealing proposed by Ulungu et al., which is referred(More)
Broadband power line communications (B-PLC) technology is an alternative for broadband access networks, allowing bit rates up to currently 200 Mbps. This technique uses the wiring of the low-voltage grid in order to offer to the users the telecommunications services, such as Internet. In this paper, the B-PLC planning process is sub-divided into two parts,(More)
The planning process of the broadband powerline communications access network is composed of two problems; the generalized base station placement problem and the PLC channel allocation problem. In this paper, we investigate the PLC channel allocation problem and formulate it as a multi-objective combinatorial optimization (MOO) problem. Its objectives are(More)