Abdelfattah Idri

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This paper presents the cost estimation models based on artificial neural networks. one of the most important limitations of neural networks is the difficulty of understanding a neural network that makes a particular decision. For application to the cost estimation field, the neural network is used to predict the software development effort is the Radial(More)
In this paper, we suggest a requirement engineering process that composes (merge) use cases/scenarios and yields a formal specification of the system in form of a high-level Petri net. Use cases and scenarios are acquired in form of diagrams as defined by the Unified Modeling Language (UML). These diagrams are composed and transformed into Petri net(More)
We show in this paper the equivalence between the radial basis function networks and fuzzy analogy in the field of software cost estimation. We prove that under weak conditions, the three layers of RBFN are functionally equivalent to the three steps of fuzzy analogy. This functional equivalence implies that advances in each literature, such new learning(More)
Software quality estimation is one of the most interesting research areas in the domain of software engineering for last few decades. Large numbers of techniques and models have already been worked out in the area of error estimation. The aim of software quality estimation is to identify error prone tasks as the cost can be minimized with advance knowledge(More)
The Fuzzy Radial basis function Neural Networks (FRBFN) for software cost estimation is designed by integrating the principles of RBFN and the fuzzy C- means clustering algorithm. The architecture of the network is suitably modified at the hidden layer to realise a novel neural implementation of the fuzzy clustering algorithm. Fuzzy set-theoretic concepts(More)
In recent years the structure of transportation networks has become more complex as a result of the fast development of the social and economical infrastructure. When dealing with time dependent multimodal context, transport planning represents a fundamental problem and more specifically for hazardous materials. Several approaches have been proposed that(More)
We put forward architecture of a framework for integration of data from moving objects related to urban transportation network. Most of this research refers to the GPS outdoor geolocation technology and uses distributed cloud infrastructure with big data NoSQL database. A network of intelligent mobile sensors, distributed on urban network, produces(More)
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