Abdelfattah H. Eladl

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The highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 in Egypt circulated continuously after its introduction in February 2006 with substantial economic losses and frequent human infections. Phylogenetic analysis of the available HA sequences revealed the presence of two main sublineages; the classic 2.2.1 and the variant The classic 2.2.1 had(More)
The consequence of cryptosporidiosis on the immune response of vaccinated chickens against Newcastle disease and/or avian influenza was studied by using 240, 1 day old, male, white Hy-Line chicks and divided into 8 groups and subgroups. Each group or subgroup was consisting of 30 chicks (15 × 2 replicates). The first and second groups were kept as(More)
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