Abdelaziz Soltani

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The perennial smooth cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora, has been successfully introduced in salty ecosystems for revegetation or agricultural use. However, it remains unclear whether it can be introduced in arid ecosystems. The aim of this study was to investigate the physiological response of this species to water deficiency in a climate-controlled(More)
This paper deals with the analyse of ohmic contact formation on GaN, AlGaN/GaN and AlGaN/AlN/GaN. TEM measurement was carried out on these last structures to explain the ohmic contact formation for Ti and Ti/Al contact. The difficulties to achieve an ohmic contact on AlGaN/AlN/GaN structures leads to etch the AlGaN barrier to obtain rapidly and easily an(More)
We evaluated the ability of the WGEN model to generate long term weather series in situations where the actual historic weather data record is only 3–10 years long. The series generated were used to simulate yield of irrigated and rainfed chickpea. To do this, four 100-year samples of weather data were generated for Tabriz, Iran. The WGEN parameters used to(More)
Boron nitride can be synthesised in two major crystalline polytypes, the hexagonal (h-BN) and the cubic one (c-BN), related respectively to the sp2 and the sp3 hybridation of the chemical bondings of both atomic species. The cubic form is very attractive, due to its extreme properties, similar to those of diamond in term of hardness, thermal conductivity,(More)
This study focuses on the investigation of elastic wave modes sensitivity in piezomagnetic composite membrane under an applied magnetic field. The piezomagnetic model has been implemented in Comsol-Multiphysics, and has been solved as an eigen-frequency problem. The evolution of the electromechanical resonance frequency of different modes has been(More)
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