Abdelaziz Abid

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate a minimally invasive subscapularis-preserving arthroscopic release of capsule in the treatment of internal rotation contracture of the shoulder due to Erb's palsy. We performed our procedure (subscapularis-preserving arthroscopic release of capsule) in 10 paediatric shoulders with an average age of 20.2 months and(More)
Various surgical techniques have been used to treat displaced radial neck fractures in children, in order to reduce the displacement and to avoid complications. We report the results of a retrospective study performed on 20 patients with severely displaced radial neck fractures, who were treated with intramedullary pinning (Métaizeau technique). Mean age at(More)
Internal rotation contracture of the shoulder in brachial plexus birth palsy frequently leads to shoulder dysplasia. Six children underwent anterior arthroscopic release sparing the subscapularis. Clinical examination and MRI were performed preoperatively and repeated at the 5-year follow-up. MRI was carried out for assessment of glenohumeral dysplasia.(More)
BACKGROUND Blount's method is controversial for the treatment of Gartland types IIB and III supracondylar fracture of the humerus (SCFH) in children. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical and radiologic outcomes and the failure and complication rates. METHODS All types IIB and III SCFH treated with Blount's method from 2003-2013 were(More)
Fourteen wrists in 11 girls, mean age 13.3 years (range 9–16) at surgery, were treated for Madelung’s deformity. The presenting complaint was incapacitating pain. All were treated by radial closing wedge osteotomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy. The dorsal retinaculum was also surgically repaired in six cases. At a mean follow-up of 5.1 years (range(More)
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