Abdelali Zakrani

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In spite of the several software effort estimation models developed over the last 30 years, providing accurate estimates of the software project under development is still unachievable goal. Therefore, many researchers are working on the development of new models and the improvement of the existing ones using artificial intelligence techniques such as:(More)
We show in this paper the equivalence between the radial basis function networks and fuzzy analogy in the field of software cost estimation. We prove that under weak conditions, the three layers of RBFN are functionally equivalent to the three steps of fuzzy analogy. This functional equivalence implies that advances in each literature, such new learning(More)
The Fuzzy Radial basis function Neural Networks (FRBFN) for software cost estimation is designed by integrating the principles of RBFN and the fuzzy C- means clustering algorithm. The architecture of the network is suitably modified at the hidden layer to realise a novel neural implementation of the fuzzy clustering algorithm. Fuzzy set-theoretic concepts(More)
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