Abdelali Rennane

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In this paper, the electrical and noise performances of a 0.8 microm silicon germanium (SiGe) transistor optimized for the design of low phase-noise circuits are described. A nonlinear model developed for the transistor and its use for the design of a low-phase noise C band sapphire resonator oscillator are also reported. The best measured phase noise (at(More)
This paper addresses advanced low frequency noise measurements and modeling of SiGe HBTs. Results have been implemented into a nonlinear Gummel Poon model which has been validated through the design of a DRO made of an integrated SiGe negative resistance in the 10 GHz range. We have obtained phase noise of -105 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, which is close to the(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to model the transfer function of electrical power lines for broadband power line communication (PLC). In this approach, the power line is approximated as a two wire transmission. The characteristic impedance and the constant propagation are derived from a circuit lumped-element model. Using these parameters, the(More)
The use of wide bandgap materials for broadcast telecommunication and defense systems allow high power, high efficiency and high integration levels of active devices thanks to their microwave electrical performances. GaN based devices have also demonstrated great potential for high frequency linear low noise applications. However, low frequency noise (LFN)(More)
With the deregulation of the telecommunication and electricity markets, great deals of new operators providing some innovative services have appeared. In the telecommunications field, the promise of broad-band internet access with easy installation procedure at low cost may help to gain new customers. The Power Line Communication (PLC) technology is a way(More)
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