Abdelali Idrissi

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We report results of molecular dynamics simulations and detailed analysis of the local structure of sub- and supercritical ammonia in the range of temperature between 250 and 500 K along the 135 bar isobar. This analysis is based on the behavior of distributions of metric and topological properties of the Voronoi polyhedra (VP). We show that by increasing(More)
Combining infrared spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations, we have investigated the structural and dynamical properties of ammonia from liquid state (T = 220 and 303 K) up to the supercritical domain along the isotherm T = 423 K. Infrared spectra show that the N-H stretching and bending modes are significantly perturbed which is interpreted as a(More)
The nearest neighbor approach was used to characterize the local structure of CO(2) fluid along its coexistence curve (CC) and along the critical isochore (CI). The distributions of the distances, orientations, and interaction energies between a reference CO(2) molecule and its subsequent nearest neighbors were calculated. Our results show that the local(More)
The analysis of the microscopic diffusion processes of CO(2) and H(2)O in the coordinate system defined by the molecular orientation allows a new criterion to be introduced which provides information on the short and long time behavior of the rotation-translation coupling as well as to quantify the strength of this coupling. We discuss the general(More)
We have performed molecular-dynamics simulations of CO(2) system along the gas-liquid coexistence curve and on the isochore 94.22 cm(3) mol(-1) (which corresponds to the critical isochore). The calculation has been carried out in order to analyze the diffusion of CO(2) and particularly to figure out how the diffusion coefficient may be decomposed along the(More)
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