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Transient fusion ("kiss-and-run") is accepted as a mode of transmitter release both in central neurons and neuroendocrine cells, but the prevalence of this mechanism compared with full fusion is(More)
Transient stimulation of secretion in calf chromaffin cells is invariably followed by rapid endocytosis (RE), a clathrin- and K(+)-independent process with a half time of several seconds. Here we(More)
Calcium-dependent activator protein for secretion (CAPS) is a neural/endocrine cell-specific protein that has been shown to function at the Ca(2+)-dependent triggering step of dense-core vesicle(More)
The secretory cycle of dense-core vesicles (DCVs) in physiologically stimulated patch-clamped PC12 cells was analyzed using both amperometry and capacitance measurements. Untreated cells had low or(More)