Abdelaaziz Mouloudi

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This work is a contribution to cryptography. We have developed a symmetrical blocks ciphering system, that is an improvement of our cryptosystem inspired from genetic algorithm published in AMSE periodical. His complexity is o(n) because all operations used are simple and they are applied randomly in ciphering. Furthermore, in our system the user can choose(More)
In this paper, we present two symmetric evolutionist-based ciphering algorithms (SEC and SEC-EX) where the second is an extension of the first. Our evolutionist approach is modeled as a combinatorial optimization problem. The paper addresses the coding of the chromosomes, the identification of a fitness function, and the choice of the adapted genetic(More)
The ciphering system presented in this paper is an extension of our ciphering system, which is already published (F. Omary, et al., 2005). Indeed, being given a plaintext, coded into binary and cut out in blocks of fixed size, we determine the lists of the positions of the various blocks constituting this plaintext and instead of applying the evolutionary(More)
The religion of Islam is based on a sacred text called Qur’an, a divine speech expressed in Arabic language. Qur’an constitutes the main root of Islam jurisprudence which has a second source of inspiration known as Hadiths. As the Muslim’s life is governed by those holy texts, need of their authenticity is required. Using VSM (Vector Space Model), we can(More)
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