Abdel-Nasser El-Shorbagi

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The deacylated chloramphenicol amine D-(-)-threo-2-amino-1-(4-nitrophenyl)-1,3-diol (D-amine, 1a), and its enantiomer, the L-(+)-threo-form (L-amine, 1b), were introduced into a tetrahydro-2H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione (THTT) skeleton. They are incorporated in three ways (Chart 1, types I-III) at N3 (type I), N5 (type II) or both N3 and N5 (type III) of the(More)
The new title derivatives (4b-h and 5a-i) were synthesized by reaction of the appropriate primary amine, carbon disulphide, and formaldehyde. These derivatives were prepared in order to study the effects of introducing polar groups at N3 or N5 or at both positions on the biological activity. The compounds were tested for their antifungal activity in vitro(More)
In a search for promising antifungal compounds, nine new 3,3'-ethylenebis(5-alkyl-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thiones) were synthesized by the reaction of ethylene diamine, carbon disulfide, formaldehyde, and the appropriate alkyl amine. The title compounds were tested for their antifungal activity in vitro against pathogenic (Trichophyton rubrum and Candida(More)
In a search for promising antibacterial and antifungal compounds, two new series of 2, 3-bis(5-alkyl-2-thiono-1, 3, 5-thiadiazin-3-yl)propionic acid 1 and their corresponding N, N-dimethylpropionamide 6 have been synthesized. The reaction of 2, 3-diaminopropionate 3, carbon disulfide, formaldehyde, and the appropriate alkyl amines furnished the title(More)
A series of disubstituted tetrahydro-W-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione (THTT) derivatives 4a-g were prepared and found to be promising prodrugs for amino acids and similar compounds. The pH profile for the degradation of the THTT derivatives in aqueous buffer solutions was determined using HPLC and was accounted for in terms of specific base-catalyzed reactions.(More)
Kinetics of solid state stability of seven derivatives of 3,5-disubstituted tetrahydro-2H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione (THTT) of glycine as a model for amino acids and peptide drugs were studied using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Each DSC curve for each derivative showed an endothermic peak followed by an exothermic one, which could be attributed(More)
The search for antiepileptic compounds with more selective activity continues to be an area of intensive investigation in medicinal chemistry. 3,5-Disubstituted tetrahydro-2H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione (THTT) derivatives, 3a-g, potential prodrugs incorporating the neurotransmitter GABA were synthesized and studied for crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB).(More)
A series of 2-(3-Arylpropenoyl)benzimidazole, 3a-d, and their corresponding N1-methyl analogues, 3e-h, were synthesized from p-substituted benzaldehyde and 2-acetylbenzimidazole or 2-acetyl-1-methylbenzimidazole, respectively. The in vitro alkylating activities of these alpha-beta-unsaturated ketones were investigated using L-cysteine as a model of cellular(More)
3-[2-[p-(Un)substituted phenyl]imidazo [2,1-b]benzothiazol-3- yl]propionic acid derivatives (2a--e) were prepared via the interaction of the corresponding 2-[p-(un)substituted phenyl]imidazo[2,1-b]benzothiazoles (1a--e) with acrylic acid in the presence of acetic anhydride and acetic acid. Esterification of 2a--e produced methyl esters (3a--e). Upon the(More)
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