Abdel-Azeem Shaban Abdel-Baki

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Six Myxobolus species are described from Nile fish, five of which are new and one is redescribed: M. naffari Abdel Ghaffar et al., 1998 was recovered from the gills of Labeo niloticus and the mouth(More)
Ceratomyxa hamour n. sp. was found to infect the gallbladder of the orange-spotted grouper, Epinephelus coioides located off the Saudi Arabian coast of the Arabian Gulf. The infection was reported as(More)
A new microsporidian species of the genus Glugea Thélohan, 1891 parasitising the marine teleost fish Cephalopholis hemistiktos Rüppell, collected from the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, is described on the(More)
Myxozoans, a diverse group of microscopic obligate endoparasites, can cause diseases in a number of economically important fish, including the marbled spinefoot Siganus rivulatus. To date, only 1(More)