Abdallah Zaidi

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—In this paper the investigation is placed on the hierarchic neuro-fuzzy systems as a possible solution for biped control. An hierarchic controller for biped is presented, it includes several sub-controllers and the whole structure is generated using the adaptive Neuro-fuzzy method. The proposed hierarchic system focus on the key role that the centre of(More)
In this paper the design of a control system for a biped robot is described. Control is specified for a walk cycle of the robot. The implementation of the control system was done on Matlab Simulink. In this paper a hierarchical fuzzy logic controller (HFLC) is proposed to control a planar biped walk. The HFLC design is bio-inspired from human locomotion(More)
— A large number of scientific applications have been shown to accelerate using GPGPU. However, porting legacy scientific applications to GPGPU is a challenging task. An important part of this challenge is to identify vectorizable loops in the program as well as try and vectorize non-vectorizable loops. In this paper we present GPUX: A tool-chain for(More)
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