Abdallah K. Ally

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The concept of national drinking culture is well established in research and policy debate, but rarely features in contemporary alcohol policy analysis. We aim to demonstrate the value of the alternative concept of social practices for quantitatively operationalizing drinking culture. We discuss how a practice perspective addresses(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Effective use of alcohol duty to reduce consumption and harm depends partly on retailers passing duty increases on to consumers via price increases, also known as 'pass-through'. The aim of this analysis is to provide evidence of UK excise duty and sales tax (VAT) pass-through rates for alcohol products at different price points. (More)
INTRODUCTION While evidence that alcohol pricing policies reduce alcohol-related health harm is robust, and alcohol taxation increases are a WHO "best buy" intervention, there is a lack of research comparing the scale and distribution across society of health impacts arising from alternative tax and price policy options. The aim of this study is to test(More)
This paper presents a new real-world application of evolutionary computation: identifying parameterisations of a theory-driven model that can reproduce alcohol consumption dynamics observed in a population over time. Population alcohol consumption is a complex system, with multiple interactions between economic and social factors and drinking behaviours,(More)
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