Abdallah Eldib

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OBJECTIVE To examine the differences in specific protein expression between mural and cumulus granulosa cells following 24-hour in vitro culture. DESIGN Laboratory study. SETTING University Hospital. INTERVENTION(S) Human granulosa cells were collected at the time of egg collection during assisted reproduction. Cumulus cells associated with the oocyte(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine differences in specific protein expression from the surface of the human endometrium with respect to eventual pregnancy in infertile women. DESIGN Laboratory study. SETTING University hospital. PATIENT(S) Thirty-one women presenting for investigation into infertility at an assisted reproductive unit. INTERVENTION(S) Endometrial(More)
PURPOSE Fabrication of electron beam cutouts not only is a time consuming process but also involves the handling of cerrobend which is a toxic material. Hospital workers involved in cutout construction can actually be exposed to toxic fumes that are usually generated during the process. The aim of this work is to study the feasibility of replacing electron(More)
PURPOSE Estimation of Cerenkov dose from high-energy megavoltage photon and electron beams in tissue and its impact on the radiosensitization using Protoporphyrine IX (PpIX) for tumor targeting enhancement in radiotherapy. METHODS The GEPTS Monte Carlo code is used to generate dose distributions from 18MV Varian photon beam and generic high-energy (45-MV)(More)
PURPOSE In Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) higher dose per fraction is delivered to patients and thus the need for an accurate dose computation is further elevated. However under such conditions of small field geometries, the electronic equilibrium can be lost, making it challenging for the dose-calculation algorithm to accurately predict the(More)
PURPOSE Present a new Monte Carlo code (MCEBRT) for patient-specific dose calculations in external beam radiotherapy. The code MLC model is benchmarked and real patient plans are re-calculated using MCEBRT and compared with commercial TPS. METHODS MCEBRT is based on the GEPTS system (Med. Phys. 29 (2002) 835-846). Phase space data generated for Varian(More)
PURPOSE In photon MLC (pMLC) delivered energy-intensity modulated electron therapy, a short SSD was preferred for reducing beam penumbra caused by electron in-air scatter. However, due to some restrictions (e.g. table height limit on some accelerators), a large SSD may be an only choice. This work presents our preliminary results of the impact of a large(More)
PURPOSE To simulate the 60Co beam from a novel Gamma-Tomo SBRT system and to calculate the output factors and dose rates for different source configurations and collimator sizes. METHODS The BEAM-Monte Carlo code is used to realistically model the system geometry, including 32 source capsules, source housing, primary collimator and 4 different changeable(More)
PURPOSE Beam flatness check has been proposed for beam energy check for photon beams with flattering filters. In this work, beam flatness change with beam energy was investigated quantitatively using the Monte Carlo method and its significance was compared with depth dose curve change. METHODS Monte Carlo simulations for a linear accelerator with(More)
PURPOSE Stereotactic intra and extra-cranial body radiation therapy has evolved with advances in treatment accuracy, effective radiation dose, and parameters necessary to maximize machine capabilities. Novel gamma systems with a ring type gantry were developed having the ability to perform oblique arcs. The aim of this study is to explore the dosimetric(More)