Abd Rahman Ahlan

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Big Data is a rapidly evolving and maturing field which places significant data storage and processing power at our disposal. To take advantage of this power, we need to create new means of collecting and processing large volumes of data at high speed. Meanwhile, as companies and organizations, such as health services, realize the importance and value of(More)
This study aims to highlight the existing issues of e-learning in the developing country such as Nigeria. As e-learning becomes important in the delivery of education with less consideration for distance, time and cost, however, it is still a dream in some part of the world as some issues are presently unavoidable and rendered this important aspect of(More)
IT outsourcing is seen as an innovative strategy for organizations to leverage on its several major benefits. The motivations for ITO can be in forms of technological, economic and business benefits. Moreover, ITO generates income for the nation economy. This is possible in onshore and offshore outsourcing activities. This study explores the literature and(More)
Currently, higher education institutions (HEIs) are looking for new ways of collaborating to share specialized competences (knowledge & skills) both internally and externally. This is aimed at improving their business processes as well as increasing their productivity. Value co-creation (VCC) is an effective model to improve the way organizations(More)
No doubt there is established best practices and frameworks guiding the proper usage of Information Technology (IT) resources in achieving optimality. However, what is obtainable today in the Muslims world where ethics and integrity are essential fundamentals of faith gives more than meet the eyes. This study explored the ITG research, issue of ethics and(More)
The potential to improve the quality, efficiency, outcomes, patient safety and reduce cost of healthcare by Health Information Technology (HIT) has been established by researchers. But unfortunately HIT systems are not properly utilized or are not widely available. This problem is even more glaring in developing countries. This article presents a review of(More)
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