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Implement a proper method in multimedia data management is important to support multimedia application's domain. The method is to ensure that the process of data store, retrieving and manipulation in a distributed environment can be conducted in an efficient manner. A reliable or appropriate format of record structure in multimedia data management tool is(More)
The industrial and research communities in Software Engineering have shown great interest in Software Process Improvement initiatives. There are variety of process improvement that addresses the process improvement practices for software processes and services. Organizations initially started with single model implementation and progresses for more process(More)
Many believe that employees' health and economic factors plays an important role in their likelihood to purchase health insurance. However decision to purchase health insurance is not trivial matters as many risk factors that influence decision. This paper presents a decision model using fuzzy inference system to identify the likelihoods of purchasing(More)
The huge size of multimedia data requires for efficient data classification and organization in providing effective multimedia data manipulation. Those valuable data must be captured and stored for potential purposes. One of the main problems in Multimedia Information System (MIS) is the management of multimedia data. As a consequence, multimedia data(More)
  • Noussa Mahmoud EL-Adawy, Amal Kamal Helmy, +5 authors Abu Ela
  • 2016
Assessment of blood level of fibroblast growth factor-23 (FGF-23) levels was done in forty patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESRD). We found that there were statistically significant positive correlations between FGF-23 and LVH, Phosphorus and Parathormone hormone. Statistically significant negative correlations were found between FGF-23 and corrected(More)
Fruit categorizations in agriculture industry have upgraded from traditional grading to automatic grading over the past 25 years. To identify object residing in image, the image has to be described or represented by certain features. Shape is an important visual feature of an image. Shape extraction has attracted much attention lately. Many shape(More)
Requirements engineering (RE) is considered important in producing successful software projects and quality software products. Researches in RE have proven that requirements errors affect the software product quality. The overall aim of this research paper is to design and document a requirements engineering process improvement approach to facilitate the(More)
An efficient multimedia data management process is very important in multimedia system application. Huge size of multimedia data that distributed in multi locations makes multimedia data management more complicated. Rapid development of multimedia applications created a vast volume of multimedia data and it is exponentially incremented from time to time.(More)
Tajweed is an Arabic word which defined as a correct pronunciation during recitation. Conceptually, tajweed is a set of rules which dictates how the Quran should be recited. Reciting Quran with incorrect tajweed will affect the meaning of the verse. Many Muslims have difficulties to recite Quran in a proper way following the tajweed rules. In this research,(More)
The effect of combination of ginger and selenium on oxidative stress in rats was studied. Oxidative stress was induced in rats by single intraperiotoneal injection of potassium bromate (KBrO 3) at a dose 125 mg/kg b.wt. Seven groups (n=7) of rats were used in this study. One of them was kept negative control and the others were given KBrO 3. One was kept(More)