Abbas ali Zamini

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Recent increases in feed ingredient costs have motivated the fisheries industry to identify technologies that will improve feed utilisation and reduce the cost per pound of gain. The effects of two supplemental exogenous enzymes (Natuzyme® and Hemicell®) on the growth performance in Caspian salmon (Salmo trutta caspius) were examined over an 8-week feeding(More)
Artificial hybridization was performed between Rutilus frisii kutum and Abramis brama orientalis of the Caspian Sea. Synchronization of spawning of female broodstock of both species was induced by injection of carp pituitary extract. Reciprocal crossings between R. frisii kutum $3 A. brama orientalis # (RA) and A. brama orientalis $ 3 R. frisii kutum # (AR)(More)
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