Abbas Tarhini

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A web application is an application that can be accessed via a web browser over a network. Web applications contain client side code and server side code. Web applications undergo changes in the maintenance phase, and retesting changed programs is done thereafter. To retest a program after changes, we can select a subset of the whole test suite on the(More)
Web applications can be composed of heterogeneous self-contained web services. Such applications are usually modified to fix errors or to enhance their functionality. After modifications, regression testing is essential to ensure that modifications do not lead to adverse effects. In this paper, we present a safe regression testing algorithm that selects an(More)
In this paper, we suggest a realistic methodology for testing robustness of Real-Time Component-Based Systems (RTCBS). A RTCBS system is described as a collection of components where each component is specified by a nominal and a degraded specification, modeled as a Timed Input-Output Automaton (TIOA). Further, the communication of the whole system is also(More)
Cross-docking is a practice in logistics in which shipments are directly moved from an inbound truck into an outbound truck. A recognized problem in this domain is the assignment of trucks to doors in a way that the distance to be traveled between the doors is minimized. This problem is known as the cross-dock door assignment problem (CDAP). The purpose of(More)