Abbas Saghaei

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Research Identifying thePeriodofaStep Change inHigh-YieldProcesses Rassoul Noorossana1,∗,†, Abbas Saghaei2, Kamran Paynabar3 and Sara Abdi4 1Industrial Engineering Department, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran 16844, Iran 2Industrial Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University—Science and Research Campus, Tehran, Iran 3Industrial and(More)
Sometimes, quality of a process is characterized by a relationship between two variables referred to as profile. So far, several methods have been proposed for monitoring simple linear profiles. In all of the researches, the performance of the proposed methods is only investigated under step shifts. However, the other types of shifts such as drift can occur(More)
Through 1980s, management accounting researchers described the increasing irrelevance of traditional control and performance measurement systems. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a critical business tool for a lot of organizations. It is a performance measurement system which translates mission and strategy into objectives. Strategy map approach is a(More)
In the structure of the title compound, [Mo(C(19)H(20)N(2)O(2))O(2)], the Mo atom exhibits oxidation state +VI and is surrounded by two O atoms and the tetra-dentate Schiff base ligand 2,2'-[(2,2-dimethyl-propane-1,3-di-yl)bis-(nitrilo-methyl-idyne)]diphenolate in a distorted octa-hedral configuration. An intra-molecular C-H⋯O hydrogen bond between a(More)