Abbas S. Youssefi

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A novel electrochemical hydride generation (ECHG) system working in flow-injection (FI) mode was developed for determination of cadmium coupled to an electrically heated quartz tube atomizer (QTA) by atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS). A Plackett-Burman experimental design for screening has been used to evaluate the influence of several variables on the(More)
OBJECTIVES To verify the effects of alternating thermal changes in aqueous media and chemical composition on mechanical properties of apatite-mullite glass-ceramics and to investigate concentration of ions eluted from glass-ceramics in aqueous media. MATERIALS AND METHODS The glass compositions were from SiO2Al2O3P2O5CaOTiO2BaOZrO2CaF2 system.(More)
For the first time, nanoparticles of zinc chromite, spinel ZnCr(2)O(4) have been fabricated by the thermal decomposition of Zn-Cr gel prepared by sol-gel method in the presence of oxalic acid as a chelating agent. It was shown that the well-crystallized spinel structure is formed after calcination at 450°C. The nanospinel has been characterized by(More)
Electrochemical hydride generation (EcHG) as a sample introduction system for determination of zinc was developed. It was directly coupled to an electrically heated quartz tube atomizer (QTA) atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) system. The hydride generator is a laboratory-made semi-batch electrolytic cell that consists of a lead-tin alloy cathode and a(More)
The mechanistic aspects of a novel methodology for the electrochemical hydride generation (EcHG) of cadmium, entitled as the catholyte variation, have been studied. The hydrogen overvoltage of different cathode materials was determined in dilute electrolyte. The lead-tin alloy used as the cathode material for the EcHG of Cd had the highest hydrogen(More)
The underlying architecture of a vector processor is different from that of a sequential machine. In addition, there arc also different kinds of vector processors based upon the hardware implementation of vector instructions. Therefore, new software such as programming languages, compilers, operating systems, etc. must be developed which run on these(More)
Glass–ceramic filler particles containing various amounts of fluoroapatite–mullite crystalline phases were synthesised using SiO2–Al2O3–P2O5–CaF2–CaO system as the base glass formulation. Different additives were used to promote crystallisation in this system. Composite samples were prepared by incorporating the silane treated glass–ceramic particles into(More)
The catalyst containing 80%Co/20%Ce/15wt%SiO2 was prepared using fusion procedure and studied for the conversion of synthesis gas to light olefins. The effect of a range of operating variables such as the pressure, temperature and H2/CO molar feed ratio on the catalytic performance of fused catalyst was investigated. It was found that the best operating(More)
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