Abbas Mazloumi

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Reducing the NoC power is critical for scaling up the number of nodes in future many-core systems. Most NoC designs adopt packet-switching to benefit from its high throughput and excellent scalability. These benefits, however, come at the price of the power consumption and latency overheads of routers. Circuit-switching, on the other hand, enjoys a(More)
3D logic-on-logic technology is a promising approach for extending the validity of Moore's law when technology scaling stops. 3D technology can also lead to a paradigm shift in on-chip communication design by providing orders of magnitude higher bandwidth and lower latency for inter-layer communication. To turn the 3D technology bandwidth and latency(More)
Modern chip multiprocessors will feature a large shared last-level cache (LLC) that is decomposed into smaller slices and physically distributed throughout the chip area. These architectures rely on a network-on-chip (NoC) to handle remote cache access and hence, NoCs play a critical role in optimizing memory access latency and power consumption.(More)
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