Abbas M. Al-Bakry

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An unusual case of bilateral femoral nerve compression caused by iliacus hematomas in a patient on anticoagulant therapy is herein reported with special reference to the comparative diagnostic value of ultrasonography, computerized tomorgraphy, and magnetic resonance imaging. The importance of early surgical decompression is also emphasized.
Data mining is a complex, iterative and multistage process. These characteristics of data mining make it a complex field that needs the interference of professionals and experts with a lot of effort and work. In this work, a data mining system is proposed using a software agent that have the ability to handle the steps of mining automatically. The role of(More)
The Web can consider as infinite repository of information because of the vast amount of information that they can contain, but with this advantage of Web, it also some drawbacks, because of unregulated nature of the Web, it is led to make any one make any contents available on the Web even though this content is objectionable for people like violence and(More)
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