Abbas Jalilvand

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Tuning of PID controller parameters is an important problem in control field. To solve this problem we used an Advanced Particle Swarm Optimization which is powerful stochastic evolutionary algorithm that is used to find the global optimum solution in search space. The proposed method has fast searching speed compared to standard PSO. Furthermore this(More)
In recent years, with the rapid growth of social media, such as forums, blog, discussion boards and social networks, people can freely express and respond to opinion on variety of topics. Reading and understanding of the huge amount of reviews are not possible for individuals and companies. Opinion mining and sentiment analysis aims to extract, process of(More)
The functional linkage network (FLN) construction is a primary and important step in drug discovery and disease gene prioritization methods. In order to construct FLN, several methods have been introduced based on integration of various biological data. Although, there are impressive ideas behind these methods, they suffer from low quality of the biological(More)
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