Abbas Hormati

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We present preliminary results obtained using a time domain wave-based reconstruction algorithm for an ultrasound transmission tomography scanner with a circular geometry. While a comprehensive description of this type of algorithm has already been given elsewhere, 2 the focus of this work is on some practical issues arising with this approach. In fact,(More)
In this bench study, coffee and soy sauce stained composite resin restorations to a significantly greater degree than did tea or cola beverage. Generally, the greatest degree of staining with all samples occurred during the first week of the study time. The stain penetration was superficial and was estimated to be 5 mu or less.
The discoloration of enamel caused by food substances was found to be superficial and for dentin and cementum ingressive. Discoloration of cementum exceeded that of dentin, and dentin stained more than enamel. Coffee and soy sauce stained the calcified dental tissues more than the cola beverage and tea. The longer the staining time, the deeper was the(More)
1. Cement keys were an effective means of increasing the retention of complete cast gold crowns to preparations in extracted teeth. 2. Single grooves placed in either the dentin or in the crown alone were not effective in increasing retention in 30-degree crowns. In 7-degree crowns, a single groove in the crown gave better retention than a single groove in(More)
Conclusions reached within the constraints of this study showed the following: 1. Fracture strength of Class II amalgam restorations decreased as the thickness of the bases increased. 2. Fracture strengths of amalgam restorations based with different thicknesses of zinc phosphate cement underline with 0.5 mm Dycal were not different from each other. 3. The(More)
An in vitro study was conducted to determine the tensile bond strength of complete cast gold restorations cemented with zinc phosphate cement on composite resin and amalgam crown cores. The samples were thermocycled and tested at 1-week, 1-month, and 3-month intervals. Results of the study showed that: (1) the amalgam core provides more retention for the(More)
This paper addresses the design of an application-specific processor with emphasis on packet processing applications. In this domain, demands for increasing the performance and the ongoing development of network protocols both call for flexible and performance-optimized engines. We present a flexible engine that is optimized for packet switching operations.(More)