Abbas H. Hassin Alasadi

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Breast cancer is the most cause of death for women above age 40 around the world. In this paper, we propose a method to detect microcalcifications in digital mammography images using two-dimensional Discrete Wavelets Transform and image enhancement techniques for removing noise as well as to get a better contrast. The initial step is applying a(More)
Radon concentrations in brick samples collected from different countries were measured using the sealed-can technique based on the CR-39 SSNTDs. CR-39 detectors are widely used for radon exhalation rate measurements in bricks under different conditions. The detectors were exposed to standard radon concentration from a standard Ra source. The average Rn and(More)
This study measures the activity of U, Th, and K. The soil samples collected from different sites in Najaf city, Iraq. The studied samples were analyzed and the concentrations of radionuclides were determined using γ-ray spectrometry (NaI (Tl) detector). The mean values specific activity of radionuclides were agreement with those of the international values(More)
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