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A facile method for the preparation of thin-film carbon electrodes by electron beam evaporation onto highly doped silicon is presented. The physical and electrochemical properties of these films both before and after postdeposition pyrolysis are investigated. Raman spectroscopy establishes the amorphous structure of the nonpyrolyzed carbon films and(More)
We study the spin nutation effects of a molecular nanomagnet on the Josephson current through a superconductor|molecular nanomagnet|superconductor tunnel junction. We explicitly demonstrate that, due to the spin nutation of the molecular nanomagnet, two oscillatory terms emerge in the ac Josephson current in addition to the conventional ac Josephson(More)
A bromide–modified silver electrode is reported, in the present study, to catalyze the redox reactions of metalloproteins. This study describes that the bromide ions show very good redox behavior with silver electrode. The cathodic and anodic peak potentials were related to the concentration of bromide ions involved in making bromide-modified silver(More)
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