Abbas Ali Rezaee

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Wireless sensor networks consist of a large number of small, low-power sensors that communicate through wireless links. Wireless sensor networks for healthcare have emerged in recent years as a result of the need to collect data about patients' physical, physiological, and vital signs in the spaces ranging from personal to hospital and availability of the(More)
Recent advances in wireless sensor technology facilitate the development of remote healthcare systems, which can significantly reduce the healthcare cost. The use of general and efficient routing protocols for Healthcare wireless sensor networks (HWSN) has crucial significance. One of the critical issues is to assure the timely delivery of the life-critical(More)
The application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) in healthcare is dominant and fast growing. In healthcare WSN applications (HWSNs) such as medical emergencies, the network may encounter an unpredictable load which leads to congestion. Congestion problem which is common in any data network including WSN, leads to packet loss, increasing end-to-end delay(More)
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