Abbas Al Zain

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We present the design and prototype implementation of a run-time environment (RTE) for the implicitly parallel execution of high-level languages. In our design a micro-kernel provides basic infrastructure, such as garbage collection, but all complex RTE operations, including the handling of parallelism, are implemented on a separate system level. By(More)
Computational Grids are much more complex than classical high-performance architectures: they have high, and dynamically varying communication latencies, and comprise heterogeneous collections of processing elements. We argue that such a complex and dynamic architecture is extremely challenging for the programmer to explicitly manage, and advocate a(More)
INTRODUCTION Schwannoma is the term given to tumours arising from Schwann cells of any nerve sheath. It may arise in the retroperitoneum, where it can attain enormous sizes and cause considerable diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties. A variety of incapacitating symptoms may arise, depending on its size alone and the related contagious organs. (More)
SymGrid-Par is built around GRID-GUM, a system designed to support parallel computations on Grids, which has been adapted to interface with symbolic computation engines. • GRID-GUM coordinates and orchestrates the CAS engines • CAS engines (which may represent various systems) deal solely with the execution of obtained individual instructions. We are(More)
In this paper we explore the potential of functional languages in designing and implementing complex distributed systems. We focus on the areas of parallel computation and coordination, and describe the prototype implementation of a generic runtime environment (RTE) for parallel execution. In particular, we discuss the implementation of scheduling(More)
Special purpose High Performance Computers (HPCs) are expensive and rare resources, but workstation clusters are cheap and becoming common. Emerging GRID technology offers the opportunity to integrate Grid-enabled HPCs into a single HPC. Applications developed in these environments should be based on a language with high-level parallel coordination that(More)
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