Abbas Al-Omari

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The City of Amman, Jordan, has been subjected to persistent increase in road traffic due to overall increase in prosperity, fast development and expansion of economy, travel and tourism. This study investigates traffic noise pollution in Amman. Road traffic noise index L10(1 h) was measured at 28 locations that cover most of the City of Amman. Noise(More)
Dielectric properties of spin-coated dielectric insulators suitable for high-speed device fabrication are investigated. Complex dielectric permittivities and tangential ( ) ( ) losses of two polyimides, bisbenzocyclobutene BCB , and a spin-on-glass SOG were extracted from the measured microwave reflection coefficient, S , of 11 parallel-plate capacitors(More)
850-nm vertical-cavity laser diodes with copper-plated heat sinks were fabricated and tested. Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with 10μm aperture diameter and 4μm of electroplated copper demonstrated a maximum −3dB modulation bandwidth of more than 16GHz and a resonance frequency of more than 11GHz at bias current of only 5.4mA,(More)
An error-function analytical expression describing compositional grading in a 850 nm AlGaAs/GaAs top-emitting oxide confined vertical cavity surface emitting laser has been derived. Results are presented showing that the optical properties of the considered device utilizing the proposed error-function compositional scheme are superior over other grading(More)
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