Abbas Akrami

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INTRODUCTION Fasting evidently influences a variety of physiological parameters that can impact the ocular system. Among these modifications are alterations in insulin secretion, sympathetic activity, free fatty acids, lipid profile, melatonin, cortisol, electrolytes and catecholamines. In this study, we investigated the possible alterations in intraocular(More)
INTRODUCTION The administration of crystalloid fluids is considered as the first line treatment in management of trauma patients. Infusion of intravenous fluids leads to various changes in hemodynamic, metabolic and coagulation profiles of these patients. The present study attempted to survey some of these changes in patients with mild severity trauma(More)
PURPOSE The relationship between refractory errors and intelligence and the importance of genetic, regional and environmental factors in such associations, were investigated in a group of school children. SUBJECTS AND METHODS One hundred and thirty-seven students (34.3% boys and 65.7% girls) from two primary schools were enrolled in the study. Cycloplegic(More)
BACKGROUND Despite several recent innovations in phacoemulsification surgery, importance of pupil diameter in this surgery is becoming more evident. PURPOSE To compare the effect of opioid agonist (fentanyl) versus opioid agonist-antagonist (buprenorphine) on pupil diameter in cataract surgery and to choose the best opioid in high-risk phacoemulsification(More)
Some important methods for solving constrained fuzzy optimization problems replace the original problem by a sequence of sub-problems in which the constraints are represented by terms added to the objective function. In this paper, we describe one approach of this type for solving a class of nonlinear fuzzy optimization problems. The fuzzy quadratic penalty(More)
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