Abba Suganda Girsang

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One important issue in the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is confirming the consistency of comparison matrix to verify the logical respondent opinion. As inconsistent comparison matrix cannot be used as reference to make decisions, this paper proposes a method using an ant algorithm to modify an inconsistent pairwise weight matrix to be consistent in AHP,(More)
This paper presents a modified bee colony optimization (BCO) by pattern reduction to reduce the computation time, called BCOPR. Although BCO was robustness optimization, but likes the other algorithm for solving optimization problem, BCO has many reduncation computations on its convergence process, as a consequence, it will more computation time. Two(More)
Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is a decision making tool regarding the criteria analysis to obtain a priority alternative. One of the important issues in comparison matrix of AHP is the consistency. The inconsistent comparison matrix cannot be used to make decision. This paper proposes an algorithm using a modified BicriterionAnt to pursue two objectives(More)
Clustering is a task to divide objects into group depends on their similarity. The optimal of solving clustering problem occurs when the data joins in one group which has a similar category. This study combines Adaptive Genetic Algorithm, K-Means and Greedy Selection to solve clustering problem, named RAGKA. In first step, the centroid is determined by(More)
One of the lack of eigenface for prediction the face recogniton is not good accuracy. This paper uses naive Bayes for classifying the result of eigenface feature extraction to predict the face. The normalization z-score is added for sharping the accuracy. To see the performance of proposed method, the 200 datasets are divided into data training and testing(More)
Deterioration in the quality on host media (such as image) usually occurs when the information (such as text or image) is hidden or embedded in the host. The smaller deterioration on host media after embedding the information, the system hiding is more successful because it shows there is no significant different between the original host image and the host(More)
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