Abazar Mahmoud Ismail

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A retrospective analysis of 208 cases of measles admitted to Sabbah Children's Hospital, Juba is presented. Seventeen per cent of the children were less than 10 months of age. The overall case fatality rate was 23%. The death rate was lowest in the first 9 months of life and increased with age, as did the incidence of malnutrition. It is recommended that(More)
Mass screening for proteinuria and haematuria enhances the awareness of renal diseases and improves the chances for an early diagnosis and therapy. Early diagnosis is the cornerstone for prevention of kidney failure. Even if progression cannot be slowed, patients who have been diagnosed early have better survival when commencing renal replacement therapy.(More)
The aim of this prospective follow-up study wasto determine the incidence and risk factors of iatrogenic illness and the outcome among cases admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit in ateaching hospital in Libya. The incidence of iatrogenic complications was 22.9% among 423 cases admitted over a 1-year period. Human error (18.4%) followed by machine(More)
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