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(please use to correspond with the authors) Dr. A J Joshua is presently working as a Reader, in the Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal University teaching courses in the marketing area. His research interests include adoption and usage of technology in service industries and consumption behavior studies in marketing. She has over 19 years experience,(More)
This paper examines the effects of dropping policies on dropping probabilities for multi-class traffic and compares their performance and support for Quality of Service (QoS). The flexibility of these dropping policies is illustrated with respect to performance parameters and traffic characteristics. The method used for this evaluation is simulation on a(More)
Today, information technology (IT) has become a key element in economic development and a backbone of knowledge-based economies in terms of operations, quality delivery of services and productivity of services. Therefore, taking advantage of information technologies (IT) is an increasing challenge for developing countries. There is now growing evidence that(More)
The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the exchange of standardized documents between computer systems for business use. The objective of this study is to make Electronic Data Interchange secure to use and to eliminate human intervention in the transfer of data between business partners so that productivity and efficiency can be improved and also promote(More)
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