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BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to compare parasacral and Winnie's single- or double-injection approaches for sciatic nerve block. METHODS One hundred fifty adults scheduled to undergo lower limb surgery were randomized to receive on the sciatic nerve 20 ml ropivacaine, 0.75%: single bolus for parasacral and Winnie's single injection. For(More)
The French Hospital Database on HIV (FHDH) is a hospital-based multicentre open cohort with inclusions ongoing since 1989. The research objectives focus mainly on mid- and long-term clinical outcomes and therapeutic strategies, as well as severe AIDS and non-AIDS morbidities, and public health issues relative to HIV infection. FHDH also serves to describe(More)
BACKGROUND Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is the major manifestation of Q fever, an emerging disease in French Guiana. Consequently, the empirical antibiotherapy used for the treatment of CAP combines doxycycline and the recommended amoxicillin. Our objectives were to estimate the prevalence of Q fever pneumonia and to build a prediction rule to(More)
Acute Q fever is an emergent and severe disease in French Guiana. We obtained 5 Coxiella burnetii isolates from samples of patients from Cayenne and found an epidemic clone circulating in Cayenne. This clone has caused pneumonia and endocarditis and seems to be more virulent than previously described strains.
BACKGROUND The benefits of continuing antiretroviral therapy are questionable in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1-infected patients with profound immunodeficiency and multiple treatment failure due to viral resistance. METHODS From the French Hospital Database on HIV, we selected 12,765 patients with a CD4(+) cell count <200 cells/mm(3) who(More)
BACKGROUND Until 2008, human rabies had never been reported in French Guiana. On 28 May 2008, the French National Reference Center for Rabies (Institut Pasteur, Paris) confirmed the rabies diagnosis, based on hemi-nested polymerase chain reaction on skin biopsy and saliva specimens from a Guianan, who had never travelled overseas and died in Cayenne after(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe characteristics and outcomes of HIV-infected patients with Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (PCP) over 2004-2011 in France, in particular in those previously enrolled (PE) in the French Hospital Database on HIV (FHDH). METHODS PE patients with an incident PCP were compared with patients with an inaugural PCP revealing HIV infection(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the time from entry into care for HIV infection until combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) initiation between migrants and non migrants in France, excluding late access to care. METHODS Antiretroviral-naïve HIV-1-infected individuals newly enrolled in the FHDH cohort between 2002-2010, with CD4 cell counts >200/μL and no previous(More)
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