Ab Razak Che Hussin

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The process of building consumer trust in e-Commerce is based on the presence of trust features or trust attributes in the websites. Trust attributes are usually presented to the consumer by some clues on the homepage. For example, the clue ‘contact us’ will be linked to the trust attribute ‘company address’. Consumers may examine e-Commerce websites for(More)
Knowledge Management Systems as socio-technical system perspectives has recognized for decades. Practitioners and scholars belief Knowledge Management is best carried out throught the optimization both technological and social-aspect. Lacking of understand and consider both aspects could lead organizations in misinterpretation while developing and(More)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects implementation have been popular in the organizations and during three consecutive years, CRM related issues were in the top nine lists most concern for the chief executive officers in the USA because failure rate of IT project implementation is quite high. In reality, there have been many failed CRM projects.(More)
Cloud computing provides a large pool of accessible resources (hardware, platform, software) in a form of services. It became a cost effective alternative to the traditional IT infrastructure. Nowadays, as more and more e-commerce companies delegate their task to cloud providers, Services Level Agreement (SLA) became an important aspect between the cloud(More)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) related issues, during three consecutive years, were in the top nine lists of most concern for the hospitals' chief executive officers in the USA and furthermore, Information Technology (IT) projects' failure rate in the organizations were quite high. To deal with such problems Success Factors (CSF) from different(More)
This paper discusses development and validation of an instrument that will use to examine knowledge contributor's behaviour in acceptance of Knowledge Management System (KMS). The instrument is one part of the research that conducts to understand KMS acceptance of knowledge contributor. The instrument is conceptually developed based on the technology(More)
Cloud computing recently became the key element of providing services via the internet. Cloud technology is new paradigm of computing where available computing resources are delivered as a service. These resources are generally offered under the concept of pay-as-you-use. Nowadays, some of e-commerce companies move to Cloud services. Cloud offers positive(More)
The use of e-commerce is rapidly increasing day after day. On the other hand, e-businesses started to globalize their supply chain to serve customers worldwide. Although it was a successful strategy in certain regions, it failed in some other regions as well. Companies cannot serve customers as they are homogenies. Each region or country has its own(More)