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Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) supports e-learning applications with storage and efficient access for e-learning objects (LO)s. ROSA is a LCMS built as a semantic layer on the top of an XML native DBMS, Tamino. Together, ROSA and Tamino, offer instructional designers a semantic view of e-learning content. In this paper, we present ROSA Data(More)
This paper describes an ontology-based knowledge system for creating and sharing user's personal objects, with support for querying semantic associations. The user specifies and populates a local ontology, which helps him to organize his personal objects. For users who wish to work cooperatively, or divulgate their personal objects in the so-called(More)
Workflow management systems usually interpret a workflow definition rigidly. However, there are real life situations where users should be allowed to deviate from the prescribed static workflow definition for various reasons, including lack of information, unavailability of the required resources and unanticipated situations. Furthermore, workflow(More)
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