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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Endobronchial tumors are rare in children and often misdiagnosed as benign conditions resulting in delayed definitive treatment. The authors reviewed their experience to highlight pertinent aspects of diagnosis and treatment. METHODS A retrospective chart review was conducted of children with endobronchial tumors diagnosed between 1980(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital Morgagni's hernia (CMH) is rare and represents less than 5% of all congenital diaphragmatic hernias. This is a national review of our experience with CMH outlining clinical presentation, methods of diagnosis, associated anomalies, treatment, and outcome. PATIENTS AND METHODS The medical records of all patients with the diagnosis of(More)
BACKGROUND Minimal access surgery (MAS) in small infants carries an important consideration. The tolerance of these small babies and the assumed physiological effect of MAS, in addition to the required anesthetic and surgical skills, have made it difficult to perform these types of procedures in many international centers. The present article reviews our(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity prevalence is rapidly increasing among children and adolescents worldwide. It is considered one of the most alarming public health issues facing the world today. The adult experience has demonstrated that surgery is the only effective means of achieving persistent weight loss in obese patients. However, little is known about bariatric(More)
Obesity has become a major public health problem in the Arab countries, creating a health and economic burden on these countries' government services. There is an urgent need to develop a strategy for prevention and control of obesity. The third Arab Conference on Obesity and Physical Activity was held in Bahrain in January 2010, and proposed the Strategy(More)
Hydatid disease has a wide geographic distribution around the world. In human, the lungs are the second most commonly affected sites. Pulmonary hydatidosis is much more frequently encountered in children than in adults. Surgical treatment has remained the standard option in the management of hydatid disease. However, surgeons were able to replicate the(More)
We report a challenging case of a newborn with a massive anterior mediastinal teratoma (MT), occupying nearly the right hemithorax, presenting at birth with life threatening respiratory distress (RD). Optimal approach and outcome was achieved with a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach.
BACKGROUND Nonoperative management of blunt pediatric liver injuries has become the standard of care in the absence of hemodynamic instability. However, associated bile duct injuries remain as difficult challenges. Few case reports have demonstrated the benefits of conservative approaches, but others have found better outcomes with surgical intervention. In(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The treatment of long gap esophageal atresia remains a major surgical challenge. Whereas many approaches have been used for this problem, none are ideal. The authors used a technique originally described by Dr John E. Foker and accomplished early repair in 3 infants with long gap atresia. METHODS Three infants with esophageal atresia(More)
OBJECTIVE Traditionally vascular rings in infants and children are treated through an open thoracotomy. Recently, thoracoscopic surgery has been used for these complex procedures. This study reports our early experience with thoracoscopic division of vascular rings and evaluates the efficacy and safety of this approach. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients who(More)