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General-purpose image filters lack the flexibility and adaptability of un-modeled noise types. On the contrary, evolutionary algorithm based filter architectures seem to be very promising due to their capability of providing solutions to hard design problems. Through this novel approach, it is made possible to have an image filter that can employ a(More)
Rat vaginal epithelial cells (VEC) undergo division and differentiation under the influence of oestradiol in a programmed manner. The differentiation process of VEC leads to keratinization, cornification and subsequent desquamation of the dead cells. This process of programmed cell death, referred to as terminal differentiation may share some common(More)
Phosphorylation of keratin polypeptides was studied by incubating vaginal tissues (removed from estradiol primed and unprimed 30-day-old rats) with 32Pi. Analysis by SDS-PAGE and autoradiography showed that on treatment with estradiol phosphorylation of 63 and 58 kDa keratin polypeptides increased 3- and 2-fold respectively. Phosphorylation was maximal(More)
Effect of estradiol-17 beta on rat vaginal epithelial cells (VEC) was studied by transmission electron microscopy. During the normal estrous cycle in adult rats keratinization and exfoliation of VEC was observed only in the estrus phase, though tonofilament bundles were seen distributed in the cytoplasm of the VEC during the proestrus and, to a lesser(More)
Changes in the calcium levels under the influence of estradiol were investigated in rat vaginal epithelial cells (VEC). After single estradiol injection, the immature rats showed 1.5-fold increase in Ca2+ levels within 15 min when compared to control animals. Progesterone priming brought calcium levels well below control values throughout the experimental(More)
Changes in the cell surface of vaginal epithelial cells were studied by scanning microscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy. Microvilli which are prominent features of the vaginal epithelial cells in proestrus and diestrus are replaced by sheet-like structures in the estrus phase. Surface morphology of vaginal epithelial cells of estradiol primed rat(More)
Electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings are often contaminated with several artifacts.Powerline interference and baseline noise is always present in EEG response of every patient. A number of strategies are available to deal with noise effectively both at the time of EEG recording as well as during preprocessing of recorded data. The aim of the paper is to(More)
Intracellular zinc was located as electron dense granules associated with the plasma membrane, endoplasmic reticular membranes, mitochondrial membranes, nuclear membranes and chromatin in Zajdela ascitic hepatoma and AK5 macrophage ascitic tumour cells. The quantity of intracellular zinc estimated by atomic emission spectrometer was different in the two(More)
Reconfigurable hardware based image enhancement technique when compared to the conventional method has an improved image quality even under adverse conditions such as contrast reversal and intensity gradients, angular uncertainties, blur caused by changes in depth field, scale changes, partial obliteration or missing features. In addition, parallel(More)
Digital image processing is an ever expanding and dynamic area with applications reaching out into everyday life such as medicine, space exploration, surveillance, authentication, automated industry inspection and many more areas. Applications such as these involve different processes like image enhancement and object detection. Implementing such(More)