Aavula Guruva Reddy

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General-purpose image filters lack the flexibility and adaptability of un-modeled noise types. On the contrary, evolutionary algorithm based filter architectures seem to be very promising due to their capability of providing solutions to hard design problems. Through this novel approach, it is made possible to have an image filter that can employ a(More)
We analyzed the complete mitochondrial genome of a 3-month-old female child with basal ganglionic lesions and other clinical features suggestive of Leigh syndrome, which is caused by variations in mitochondrial and nuclear genes. Our study revealed a novel, homoplasmic T11984C missense mutation in ND4 gene, which replaces a highly conserved amino acid(More)
Reconfigurable hardware based image enhancement technique when compared to the conventional method has an improved image quality even under adverse conditions such as contrast reversal and intensity gradients, angular uncertainties, blur caused by changes in depth field, scale changes, partial obliteration or missing features. In addition, parallel(More)
Digital image processing is an ever expanding and dynamic area with applications reaching out into everyday life such as medicine, space exploration, surveillance, authentication, automated industry inspection and many more areas. Applications such as these involve different processes like image enhancement and object detection. Implementing such(More)
Important methods concerning artifact removal from EEG signals has been briefly described pertaining to its significance and its drawbacks. Some methods described herein range from conventional methods such as linear filtering, Linear combination and regression (LCR) to more contemporary methods such as blind source separation (BSS) with applications such(More)
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